Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Orthopaedic Posting

Honestly, i don't really like orthopaedic stuffs. The feeling is like when i was studying physic in secondary school. (i don't like physic either).

Well, orthopedic was a totally different posting compared to surgery posting. I meant the the way how it was organized. Unlike surgery, everything has been arranged & scheduled nicely. Just that you got to wake up early to sign to your attendance before the clerk take away the attendance sheet. Next, you go for ward rounds, clinics, seminars and clinical teachings as scheduled, and also depending on which team you are in. After around 5pm, you will be allowed to go back and study at your room. I was in the spine team. The doctors were damn nice. They spoon-fed everything to us. The only drawback was i had to stick with spine things for 6 weeks, where i could hardly study stuffs from other teams. And i really hoped that my CT could be better. Almost every time doctor would be kept commenting on our history and after that, time was already spent up and he couldn't teach us much about PE. Till now, my PE still sucks!

Moreover, you may have to go for on-call occasionally if your team is in charged on that night. Luckily, i didn't have much on-calls, where i could have more free time for my study (or more time to waste?). Anyway, you can still learn a lot through on-call. you can see "fresh" cases like those mva cases in emergency ward, do dressing on those "fresh" wounds and learn the way how doctor manage the casualties there.

Hmm, not much 'great' procedures i have done in this posting. One STO, some dressings and assisted in some POPs. That's all. I knew that i should be more aggressive and asking more questions but honestly, i was quite tired with the log book requirements already and i chose not to chase blindly after signatures in log book. It was stupid attitude. And my reading was clearly not enough, most of the time i didn't really know what to ask and didn't even know what the doctors were talking about. Haiz. What a bad attitude!

My supervisor? Dr Halim, head of department! Omg! Till now, i am still scared of him. He scolded me few times during ward rounds as i couldn't cover my cases well. If i am smart enough to cover all cases fully and yet, manage to study well, i will definitely do it. But obviously i couldn't make it. I am so sorry to my doctors, and also my teammates, especially Prof Chong. My examiner? Dr Mohammad! Another scary doctor! Thanks god he was free finally after delaying for 3 times. I managed to answer those questions asked by him, even though i knew that my performance was just mediocre. Hopefully i was good enough to pass the posting.

Eventually, my turn to go home! My mood was so badly affected in the last week of orthopedic. I didn't really have the 'mood' to study for exam already. I missed my home sooooo much because i has been away from home for almost 5 months already. I felt so guilty for not studying well enough even though it was already the final week but i just couldn't control my mind. I needed a getaway and a nice rest after a long run in 4th year.

Therefore, as usual, i still couldn't manage to finish studying what i planned initially. Haiz. I knew i was quite lazy throughout this posting. Aargh! Got to be more hard-working next time!

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holiday to everyone! :D

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