Sunday, March 31, 2013

she cries

Just another ordinary morning. As usual, I was late and avoiding the ward round. But that's not the main point here.

I saw her on the oxygen mask gasping for air. I approached her as I planned to use her case for report. She looked so thin and cachexic. We started the conversation with some smiles. =) Occasionally, we came out with some laughter. Although she could barely talk due to the shortness of breath and lethargy, she kept smiling to me, hinting me that she was okay. Her Kelantanese slang was quite strong. Luckily I got her sister to translate for me whenever question mark appeared on top of my head.

All the while, I was trying to clerk all essential information before I touched the sensitive issue. I hesitated for a minute before i started to ask about it. I could sense that they were trying not to mention about it. They tried to convince me that they were actually happy with their lives. So sorry that I had to break their defense. They remained silent for 10 seconds before her sister told me the story.

Soon after she disclosed it to me, I could see tears dropping from her eyes. I was trying hard to comfort them, but it just seemed to be helpless. I can't imagine how much pain she's actually trying to endure while carrying the scary illness within her body, especially when she's facing her family and also community. Apart form that, being as a widower, she needs to stay strong and tough in front of her three children.

yes, she was crying. ='(

Sometimes, thing may not be our fault. But we share the consequence of others' wrongdoings. You are innocent but life sometimes is just too unfair to you. What to do?...Never compare yourself to others. There's always some people out there wishing to own a life like yours when you are still complaining it.

Having a chance to learn medicine is not just about interest, money, responsibility or pride. It's really a great gift to let us to help and contribute to the community, meanwhile, and learn to be a contented person and appreciate everything we have.

10 more weeks. Don't stop your motivation. Keep the good job up, arcadianic. =)

p/s : sorry for the poor English. Just feel that more people can read this if I type in English rather than Chinese =P


邦义 said...

love your life by loving what you are doing. Creating your own culture, you will soonest realize that you are in your own way..Keep it up!

Arcadianic said...

Thanks bro. Just hope that I manage to keep the motivation up. You too jiayou! =)

vivian♥ said...

nice and meaningful post!im curious...actually what she had?:)

Arcadianic said...

haha.. share with u when i meet u next time lar. not nice to tell u here =)