Thursday, December 29, 2011

Surgery Posting

Honestly it’s really a harsh time I have been through.

I love reading stuffs in surgery. But somehow, the system, especially the requirement in logbook, dragged me away from the interest.

In surgery, you will get to see how doctors manage the patients not merely through medications, but also surgical intervention. I went into OT (operation theatre) few times, watching doctors doing surgery on patients. I had studied anatomy on books, and now I got to see the real structures in front of me. I could see how careful the surgeons were when cutting the neck and trying to reach for the thyroid with all the great vessels beside it. One of the best surgeries I saw throughout the posting. It was really an amazing experience that made me felt like wanna to be one of them one day later.

Apart from that, we had more chances to perform some procedures compared to paediatrics. It’s so important for us to develop a good skill. Just a bit disappointed for not having any chance to perform some procedures. A good doctor should have a good knowledge, skill, and attitude right?

In the middle of the posting, I guessed most of us were so depressed. The routine was so hectic till we didn’t really have time for study. But, it’s still a great experience. It taught us how to appreciate the time we have for study. It reminded me that having enough time for study is really a blessing. And I feel so grateful for having some good friends in my group teaching me stuffs along the way.

Nevertheless, nothing is perfect. And logbook is really the killing and most stupid part of surgery posting. Logbook was meant to be guiding us in learning the topics that we should learn, but it was obviously not applicable here. Everyone, including me, was rushing for short cases and signatures somehow blindly. When the atmosphere became so tense just because of the stupid logbook, anger and frustration came behind. I knew it.

Anyway, I felt so relieved after finishing surgery posting. I guess everyone felt the same too. It’s over man!

Currently I am in the halfway of orthopaedic posting. Hmm, I am trying hard to hypnotize myself to love it.Aargh! :P I got a great quote from my supervisor, Dr. Halim,

“if your future job is something you like to do, then you will be like having holiday everyday and just doing something you like to do.”

It’s so true. Hope that I will love doing the thing I am gonna to do in the future. :D

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