Saturday, March 10, 2012

ORL-HNS posting

Another 3 weeks has passed. Quite a short posting.

ORL-HNS = Otorhinolaryngology - Head And Neck Surgery

Not to say it was an interesting posting, but not really boring either. As usual, it was packed with clinics and classes but without any oncall. People usually will say that it's a honeymoon posting, but for me, hmm, not really. We got to study quite a lot of anatomy and diseases in merely 3 weeks,
which was not enough for me, especially when i lost the 1st week because i was fell sick for 5 days. The good thing was we didn't have to cover cases in ward, we just had to go clinics and learn things there. Moreover, the logbook was just fine.

We got to practise ear, nose and mouth + throat examinations. Hmm, quite interesting when you put the Thudicum speculum into someone's nose. Why? You don't usually see people with an enlarged nostrils right? For me, it was quite funny though it was part of our study. And finally i saw some cases we didn't get to see during surgery posting like cystic hygroma.

The only thing that made me shocked was my short case exam. Well, i need to perform a neck examination on a patient. From inspection, i thought that there was a mass over the neck. I described it nicely. After palpation, i found that the 'mass' was actually just a big piece of adipose tissue -_-lll..So where was the mass? I palpated everything including the lymph nodes but there was NO FINDING!!! I felt so shocked and nervous immediately after that. Then the doctor told me to inspect properly and finally i saw a 2cm scar on the neck, but honestly that scar was so perfect and so damn hard for me to differentiate it from normal skin! The the doctor told me the diagnosis as he knew i didn't know the diagnosis. SUBMENTAL LYMPHOMA. The first thing in my mind was " WTF!" The doctor started to ask me questions.

What's the differences between Hodgkin's and non Hodgkin's lymphoma?
what's the main treatment for lymphoma?
What kind of chemotherapy that you can give to lymphoma patient?
why people usually prefer radiotherapy more than chemotherapy?
What's the role of surgery in lymphoma patient?
What's the investigation that you must do before u do the surgery?

I was so blank. i couldn't answer most of questions as i had forgot everything about lymphoma already, and i haven't enter medical posting yet. The doctor could even see that my hand was shaking. Ya, i was so stressed that time as i really i had no much idea about the case. Then, the doctor explained the case to me and gave the answers of the questions he asked. I appreciated it so much even though my short case has 'gone'.

Anyway, this posting is quite important for me as the diseases we saw here are quite common in real life. Who never experience sore throat? Nose discharge? Voice loss? So you know what i meant. Besides, we also learned how to treat and appreciate people with deafness and the muteness. I just felt a bit disappointed as we didn't get a chance to got to the deaf school.

Medical posting is coming. I know it's gonna to be damn busy again. Good luck to myself and my groupmates.


~燕。飞翔~ said...

thanks for sharing.

~燕。飞翔~ said...

thanks for sharing.

Arcadianic said...

welcome.anyway, jus to jot it down as it's part of my life too. :)