Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Medical Posting

Hmm, another terrible and busy posting.

Basically it was all about ward round, classes, and study study study. We actually needed to follow the ward round every morning but it was really time-wasting for me. I really hate the ward round as the doctors were so busy with their routines and didn't really teach us or guide us anything unless we asked question. Being proactive was really a good way (perhaps the only way) if you really want to learn something from them, but i am not that type of person obviously. For the first two weeks, i didn't hear any word from the registrar talking to us.

For classes, it was another terrible thing. I really felt that the Prof Mus's classes and dermato seminar were being held just because those doctors or professors in charged were those "big people". In fact, the content of those classes was not really the main points for our study in this posting. In another word, we didn't get to discuss or learn about those common diseases during our classes. Honestly, do you think that Lichen planus is more important than IHD when we come out to work as a HO or MO? I love to learn new things but not forced to learn it. Prof Mus used to have his specific way in case presentation and i thought that i would be great to learn different kinds of method but once i heard that in our exam, we would be failed if we got his as examiner and we didn't follow his method, i started to hate it. Moreover, his tone and way of conducting the class were so efficient in 'hypnotizing' me. I would either dozed off or do my own things, but definitely not listening to him almost ALL the time. It was so bad, right? Sigh*

Anyway, it was not just about complaints. We still had some other nice and fruitful classes besides those rotten one. Short case sections were the one that i fond of. We learned how to practice the correct way in examining patient and how to interpret the positive findings. It was no longer like phase 2 where we just showed it steps by steps without actually knowing how the positive findings would be. After class, we hunted for cases with positive findings, clerked them, examined them, learned the cases and practiced our skills in the meantime.

I was so lucky to have Dr. Sanihah as my examiner. I passed my short case, of course, as she was too kind and taught us and corrected our skills a lot. Learned a lot from her :) I guess i might be failed already there was another examiner. Thanks a lot to her.

Honestly, 6 weeks are always not enough to cover what we should cover for medical posting, especially when it was arranged to be after ophthal & ORL posting which would definitely make people more relaxed and lazier. There are still huge loads of knowledge that we need to catch up even thought the posting is already ended.

For now, psychiatric posting has started. Another interesting posting :)

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