Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Neuroscience Posting

Well. 2 weeks of neuroscience posting is DEFINITELY not enough! We got really a lot of stuffs to cover, not to mentioned to hectic classes and teachings and whatever in the timetable. Neuroscience is not an easy subject in medicine obviously. I could see that doctors were expecting us to remember the knowledge from phase 2 and to know how to interpret those radiographes. Well, honestly, and very obviously, i did really bad in it as I was so lazy to study (post-psychiatry posting syndrome). That's really bad, right?

And i just had my earliest class in my whole forth year. 7am class with Prof J! And i was late by 10 minutes lol. Luckily he didn't get angry and scold me. But anyhow, i was like a fool also during that teaching for rushing from ward to computer to clinic to books just to find the one question he asked me to find out. What a good exercise before my exam in the afternoon on the same day :S

Hey i am telling myself to be more hard-working in coming O&G posting! Good luck yeah! (I must to!!!)

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Anonymous said...

what was the question? :)