Monday, July 16, 2012

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Posting

     I would like to say that this posting is really one of my favourite. In the beginning, when i first knew that i would be in team C, the busiest team among the four, i was so frustrated. Covering cases was a must for us, which irritated me the most as i really hated covering cases in ward. It was just a waste of time in my thought but my mind changed after we joined the team soon. Finally i could see what was the purpose of covering cases. We discussed cases among ourselves, we cleared our doubts by asking the MOs (they were really willing to teach, unlike most of the other postings). The specialist stayed back each time after ward round to teach us something, which was really a huge difference from specialist of other wards, where some even didn't bother us at all. I didn't really mind to wake up very early in the morning and spent hours in ward each day of this posting as it was worth to do so. Hmm, i guess so.

     Everything was well organized. The classes, clinics, on-calls, just that we were a bit rush for the clinical teachings owing to the delay from the first few weeks. We learned and we practiced what we learn throughout the discussions with not just students, but also doctors. I felt like we were being respected and appreciated. It felt good man. Just that if the queen of team C was not that scary and treated us nicer, the team would be absolutely a perfect team for me. Anyway, i felt very grateful for everyone in team C that taught us and also my teammates, where we really worked as a team in covering cases and helping each other in study.

     There was another funny moment when we were having seminar with Prof S where he asked one of my friends "when was your last wet dream?" And, my friend answered it in few seconds without hesitating much. Prof didn't really expect him to answer it as this was a private stuff right? Soon after hearing the answer, the whole class burst into laughter. Oh my god! Luckily i was not the one who got the question.

     One of the most exciting thing in this posting would definitely about conducting the delivery. I conducted 5 deliveries and this was the very first time in my life. I still remembered that i was with my second patient for 3 hours inside the labour room. She was so scared about delivery and couldn't take her hands off my hands when the contraction pain came. She needed to grab my hands. Well, why me? It was all because her husband went out to pray for 2 hours!!! I wondered why he took so long to pray? Wasn't your wife important too?! You should be there as a responsibility of good husband, right?! Anyway i was okay with that. And i really felt touched when the patient kept saying thank you to me after the delivery. Later, in the midnight during my on-call, there was another patient yelling so loud and her eyes kept having nystagmus when the baby was about to come out. I was a bit uneasy during that time. I was just scared if the mother became eclamptic lol.

     Obviously i still lack of knowledge due to my laziness. Final posting for my fourth year already (unless i failed anyone of them and need to come back for remedial posting) and I was a bit homesick. It certainly drove my attention away from study. Anyway it's holiday now. Gonna enjoy my holiday first before i go for my elective haha.

Happy holiday everyone. :)

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