Sunday, September 16, 2012

20件必干的事 20 things you have to try in your lifetime

20 things you have to try in your lifetime.

1 大胆反对。Be brave to say NO!
2 必须有帮志同道合的哥儿们。Have a gang of great bro.
3 认真呼吸一次阳光的味道。breath the smell of sunshine at least once.
4 卖萌无罪,童心就好。Nothing wrong to be innocent.
5 回一次中学念书的地方。Pay a visit to your high school's classroom.
6 读一本一直没有时间读的书。Read a book that you always didn't have the time for it before.
7 来场一个人的旅行。Travel alone to somewhere.
8 认真谈一场恋爱。一场,就够了。Fall in love for once. Just be serious for it one time.
9 最好,会一门乐器。Learn a musical instrument.
10 如果有,用心照顾你的宠物。Take good care of your pet, if you have any.
11 坚持写作,即使你不是个作家,你仍然有很多东西可以抒发。Continue writing even if you are not a good writer. You will always have a lot more to write for your life.
12 知道什么重要,什么可以烧掉。Know your important stuffs, toss those not important one.
13 找到一片只有你们知道的地方。Find a secret place for your gang.
14 跑道废弃的屋顶创作。write a song for yourself in an abandoned rooftop.
15 去一次摇滚音乐节。Join a rock musical festival for once.
16 学会一个人走自己的路。Learn how to walk your own way.
17 找到接近自然的方法。Get close to nature.
18 钟爱一项运动。Be mad at one sport.
19 学会动手装扮自己的窝。Decorate your own living.
20 有时候,你需要一个欣赏你的画作的人。Find someone that feels proud of having you.


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