Saturday, September 29, 2012

Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) posting

Truly an extremely tiring posting. Every morning, we have to be in ward before 730, or in another word, before prof comes. Wash your hands and scrub your hands, repeatedly, repeatedly, and repeatedly...Basically  3 ward rounds daily, then we rush for tracking results and radiographes, help getting ABG results. And one more thing -  3 oncalls in one week WTH! Honestly, we couldn't learn much nor having own time for self-study as we need to be in the ward no matter how unless we have classes. Those doctors in ward were so busy too as there were so many procedures to be done and so many sick babies to be taken care of. Hate the arrangement but salute the spirit of those doctors, especially Prof Noraida.

One thing i love was the sucking reflex from babies. One of the most useful way to stop them from crying. There was one macrosomic baby, we named him as Abang Bob, was born with weight 5.96 kg. Hmm, surely one of the cutest babies there, and this is what the public usually think of. Big baby is definitely not a good new! (of course not to be underweight) This poor little giant needed to be observed and on IVD with glucose due to his on-going hyperinsulinemia. Hope he will get well soon. Apart from him, i saw some syndromic babies too. One of them was having the prune-belly syndrome. I wonder how bad the prognosis can be due to the malformation of abdominal wall and all the others GIT problems.

Anyway, one week has tortured me enough. I want to get enough rest and also prepare for the coming exam. Good luck to those entering NICU posting soon. Be prepared!

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