Sunday, March 06, 2011

当 when

you might be doing something that don't suit you, just like when the car drives deep under the sea...
or you might be doing something that suit you, but you starts to feel tired with it,
just like when the seagull hates to fly above the sea...

当眼睛闭上 When your eyes close

当呼吸不再那么清晰 When your breath becomes unclear

当绚烂阴暗 When the paradise gets darkened

当美丽不再是美丽的 When the beauty fades away

当狂奔无方 When you run without direction

当重心输掉了平衡感 When the gravity loses its balance

当回忆回映 When the memory flashes back

当快乐的影子在奸笑 When the shadow of happiness laughs villainously

当信任缺氧 When the belief becomes hypoxic? (medical student mind lol)
当看着泪珠着地破散 When you watch your tears drop onto the ground and get evaporated

当纯真复杂 When the simplicity gets complicated

当思绪开始选择腐化 When the  mind chooses to decay unpleasant

当泪流满脸 When you cries again and again

当迷宫图案遮掩视线 When the puzzle makes you lost

当车辆入海 When the car drives deep under the sea

当海鸥厌倦码头飞行 When the seagull hates to fly high above the sea

当迷惘徘徊 when you doubt your thoughts

当自己也变得不简单了when your mind gets more complicated

当自己也开始笨的逃避猜测了when you starts to avoid guessing something

当自己也忐忑地追求摸不着的结局了when you are forced to chase after something obscure

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